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We, at LIFE School, are continually working to bring you the very best program possible. We want you to feel confident knowing that you have accurate and up-to-date information to share with your children.

We also endeavor to provide fun and effective delivery methods which make your home classroom engaging and fun.

We love new ideas, If you have something to share, please post it on our blog. If you have suggestions for ways that we can improve the program, post those, too. The LIFE School program has been built and improved with the help of parents like you!

Our Mission

The Mission of the LIFE School organization is to strengthen the belief and testimony of its students in the doctrines and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and to teach reading, writing, arithmetic, respect, responsibility, and self- government, while fostering a love for Jesus Christ, family, and country.

The LIFE School curriculum was established to provide a spiritually and academically whole curriculum to families who hold a belief in the gospel and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Our program provides everything you need to effectively educate your child through eighth grade. The parent manual is user-friendly, scripted, and written so that you can instruct several ages and abilities at once. Coursework in the Student Learning Journal is written to re-enforce your instruction at each level, providing challenging academic growth for each child.

This Curriculum is built on a scriptural foundation of history (HIS Story). Secular events are integrated so that the child can see for himself, the Savior’s divine mission to “bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man,” (Moses 1:39). The program presents history on a four year rotation basis. Every child in the family studies the same time period each year. Over four years, each student will cover all of the Standard Works and all periods of World and American History.

“Any education is little more than miscellaneous learning if God is not at the foundation.” Patti Landes Adams



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Fun Resources

Fun Resources


We decided not to include math in the Student Learning Journals because children learn differently. A math curriculum is like a good fitting pair of shoes, and if the child is not well fitted according to his/her learning style, math will not be enjoyable and he will not be able to learn to his full potential.

However, we do have some favorite programs that we feel address different learning styles. Here are some of our suggestions:

Saxon Math: Saxon is a thorough program that has been around for many years. In the early years it includes manipulatives which help right brain learners. Drawback: It is not very colorful and some parents like to have “fun” pages for their children.

Math U See: This program is great for more visual and right-brain learners. The site has an assessment so that you can see exactly where your child fits in the program. Drawback: The company advertises that they are common core aligned. However, it doesn’t appear that they have changed their program. They are worth considering.

Learn to write

Today, more and more schools are opting out of handwriting due to the common use of computers. And why not? who need to write when you can type? Well, we all know that there are plenty of opportunities to apply handwriting – from grocery lists, to thank-you notes. But the process of sending a message from the brain to the hand to create communication may have an even greater affect than we realize.

The Wall Street Journal published an article in October of 2010. It seems that the process of writing stimulates important areas of the brain. The article states:
“Recent research illustrates how writing by hand engages the brain in learning. During one study at Indiana University published this year, researchers invited children to man a “spaceship,” actually an MRI machine using a specialized scan called “functional” MRI that spots neural activity in the brain. The kids were shown letters before and after receiving different letter-learning instruction. In children who had practiced printing by hand, the neural activity was far more enhanced and “adult-like” than in those who had simply looked at letters.”

There are many different handwriting methods. LIFE School has chosen the Palmer method. It is a great standard that has been around for over a hundred years and its letters are easy to form. Our handwriting program includes manuscript (printing), beginning cursive, and intermediate cursive (a great refresher course). The program is included on your Family Room page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, to the purple section.


Knowing how to organize ones thoughts and express them in a coherent and cohesive matter is important – essential in many lines of work. LIFE School teaches a progressive form of writing that begins with brainstorming and clustering ideas and moves on to paragraph writing, story writing revising and re-writing, and publication. Older students begin writing good thesis statements and research papers.

We have recently added a service that will assist parents in helping their children become great writers. For a small fee, you can involve your child in a mini workshop. This workshop is taught by our experienced writing teachers and gives your child the opportunity to have his/her writing reviewed, with suggestions given for improvement. The class is available to anyone for $35. LIFE School families can access the class for only $20.

Little Blonde Girl Reading a Book

Here we will provide you with suggestions on how to make literature come alive for your children. We will also publish our K-8 reading list, which is currently being updated. Check back soon.

Playful family

Like math, reading programs need to fit your child’s learning style. For this reason, a phonics program was not included in the program. However, we have integrated many reading and phonics concepts and exercises throughout the curriculum. So which reading program is for you? Here we offer a review of many different phonics programs, how they work, and how much you will need to invest $$

We will begin with our favorite: The Spalding Writing Road To Reading
This program is probably the most thorough program ever written. And it teaches handwriting together with the reading process. Children will learn to code and read any word they encounter and the tools learned are lifelong.

Until just a few years ago, this program was labor intensive for the teacher. There was so much to learn that multi-day conferences were needed to understand how to use it to its full potential. But now, they have added a version especially for home educators and the learning curve has been greatly reduced. You CAN do this and it is a gift your children will take with them always.

Check back soon and read our reviews on other reading programs.

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