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“If a glass of water could talk…”

glass of water isolated on white“If a glass of water could talk…”
This was a statement made by a ten year-old boy this morning, whom I teach on a weekly basis. In addition to educating my own child, I assist in the education of several others through the David O. McKay Academy. During our Skype time this morning we were talking about the fact that all of the water that exists on the earth is the same water that has always existed here – that it has all been recycled all over the world, over thousands of years. That’s when the young boy made the statement “If a glass of water could talk…” Fortunately his mom was there, too, and experienced this ah-ha moment of her inspired son who is thriving in homeschool, along with her other three children. The conversation then turned to history and that among the greatest things to have witnessed by a glass of water may have been Christ walking on the water. We then returned to our science discussion, but the conversation could easily have included that glass of water participating in the Great Flood, the parting of the Red Sea, etc. These are the moments that make home education worth it.

If you are struggling with your decision to educate at home, or are already involved and passing through a discouraging time… hang in there! There will be moments YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO MISS!!!!!




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  • tinopairawa July 18, 2014 - 6:36pm

    That was PROFOUND! So I discussed this with our kids, and we talked of the water that washed the feet of the disciples, the Baptism of Christ, the water that Pilot washed his hands in… Water -is pretty deep stuff! I am simply amazed… Everyday!
    Thanks Patti!

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